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Modern Light Grey Sectional Sofa

Light Grey Sectional

S-SF01 | Quantity: 1
Mid-Century Modern Blue Sofa

Vintage Blue Sofa

S-SF02 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Bench with Mixed Upholstery

Vintage Bench

S-BN02 | Quantity: 1
Industrial Wood and Metal Bench

Industrial Bench

S-BN03 | Quantity: 1
Mid-Century Modern Molded Blue Chair

Modern Blue Chair

S-CH01 | Quantity: 1
Mid-Century Modern Mustard Yellow Chair

Modern Yellow Chair

S-CH02 | Quantity: 1
Mid-Century Modern Orange Leather Chair

Modern Orange Chair

S-CH03 | Quantity: 2
Modern Red Leather Swivel Chair

Red Leather Chair

S-CH04 | Quantity: 1
Mid-Century Modern Molded Green Chair

Modern Light Green Chair

S-CH05 | Quantity: 2
Mid-Century Modern Molded Blue Chair

Modern Light Blue Chair

S-CH06 | Quantity: 8
Mid-Century Modern Molded Bar Stool

Modern Bar Stool

S-CH07 | Quantity: 3
Mid-Century Modern Blue Stool

Blue Stool

S-CH08 | Quantity: 2
Painted Wood Stool

Wooden Bar Stool

S-CH09 | Quantity: 1

Metal Chairs

S-CH10 | Quantity: 8

Metal Bar Stool

S-CH11 | Quantity: 6
Industrial Matte Metal Stool

Metal Stool

S-CH12 | Quantity: 1
Metal Chair & Ottoman with Brown Leather Weaving

Vintage Chair & Ottoman

S-CH13 | Quantity: 1
Brown Leather Chair

Leather Chair

S-CH17 | Quantity: 2
Rustic Wood Farm Stool

Rustic Farm Stool

S-CH18 | Quantity: 1
Navy Wood Framed Chair

Navy Wood Framed Chair

S-CH19 | Quantity: 2
Rustic Farm Table

Rustic Farm Table

T-DT01 | Quantity: 10
Industrial Black-Coated Metal Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table

T-CT01 | Quantity: 1
Stackable Industrial Coffee Table

Stackable Coffee Table

T-CT02 | Quantity: 1
Geometric Modern Accent Table

Geometric Accent Table

T-AT01 | Quantity: 1
Copper Accent Table

Copper Accent Table

T-AT02 | Quantity: 1
Modern Wood Drum Table

Modern Drum Table

T-AT03 | Quantity: 1
Modern Geometric Wood Accent Table

Geometric Wood Accent Table

T-AT04 | Quantity: 1
Round Wood Accent Table

Round Accent Table

T-AT05 | Quantity: 1
Carved Wood Accent Table

Wood Accent Table

T-AT10 | Quantity: 1
Marble-Topped Brass End Table

Brass End Table

T-AT11 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

Industrial Floor Lamp

L-FL01 | Quantity: 1
Modern Brass Floor Lamp

Brass Floor Lamp

L-FL02 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Gold Rug

Vintage Rug – Gold

R-AR01 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Taupe Rug

Vintage Rug – Taupe

R-AR02 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Red Rug

Vintage Rug – Red

R-AR03 | Quantity: 1
Grand Piano

Grand Piano

P-GP01 | Quantity: 1
Vintage Metal Standing Mirror

Vintage Standing Mirror

M-MR01 | Quantity: 1