Senate Garage


Senate Garage, built in the 1920s, was a parking garage where chauffeur-driven automobiles parked in the bustling Uptown Kingston. We stumbled upon the building when it was being used for manufacturing. The interior was very rough, with hints of its past as a garage – the ramp connecting the floors still intact.

venue showing raw brick with industrial chandeliers

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My husband and I have always been interested in urban history, decay and revival of industrial buildings. In 1992 (just celebrated 25 years!) we were seeking a wedding venue for ourselves. We stumbled upon an abandoned building in the Lower East Side and transformed the space for our event-rough yet beautiful. Ever since that day, we have had the dream of renovating an industrial building of our own.

We transformed Senate Garage into a unique place that still celebrates its history. Our concept is to provide a space for our guests to realize their own vision. We offer a canvas of concrete, steel and elegant lighting.

We look forward to hosting your event in our space.

Judy Tallerman

Judy and Don wedding story