Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-05T09:36:39-04:00
What is the capacity for Senate Garage?2021-04-15T16:41:19-04:00

We can accommodate up to 230 for a seated event with a dance floor and up to 500 people for a more cocktail style event. We will be happy to discuss your event in detail to help determine how the space could work best for your event.

Smaller weddings also work great in our space. You can have the ceremony, cocktail event and reception all in one space.

Will there be a staff person from Senate Garage the day of my event?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Yes. Our Venue Operations Manager or owner (sometimes both!) will be onsite throughout most of your event. This person will work with your private event coordinator or designated person to answer any questions and help with any last minute needs. They will circulate throughout the event to act as the venue’s primary point of contact for event guests and to answer any venue-related questions, provide general assistance and oversee the property. Senate Garage staff is not responsible for planning or cuing the details of your event.

How large is your space?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Senate Garage is 7000 sq ft.

Can your lights be removed from the ceiling?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

No. Additional lighting can be added but our chandeliers cannot be removed. We also have spot lights throughout the space.

Do you have WIFI?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00


Do you have AV Equipment?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

We have a projector and screen, speakers and a microphone. We are also happy to connect you with an audio specialist that can supply additional equipment and assistance during your event.

What furniture do you have in the space?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

We have a stationary bar, a small rolling bar, and industrial style podium and some vintage furniture that can be used or removed.

Do you have tables and chairs?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

All tables and chairs are rented. We have a relationship with Events Unlimited, which has full access to our space to make drop off and pickup easy.

Do you have tables and chairs for a wedding?2021-04-15T16:40:43-04:00

We have 10 Rustic Farm Tables and 160 Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs. Depending on your guest count your catering will work with you to add complimentary rental items to choose what reflects your personal vision.

Can I bring my own caterer for a wedding?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

YES! We have a list of caterers that we recommend but you may bring in any caterer as long as they are fully licensed and insured and can meet our guidelines. The caterer should contact Senate Garage before providing you with a quote.

What about parking for private event attendees?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

There is metered parking on the street and several parking lots close by. There is a large parking lot 1 block away. All Parking is metered up to 6pm on Saturdays. No meters on Sunday. Senate Garage can also help arrange a bulk parking rate with the city. Valet parking can also be arranged.

If you are securing the outdoor state grounds, there are approximately 30 spots adjacent to the property for your older guests and family that are included in the outdoor rental.

Can I use real candles?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Candles are allowed in the space provided they are enclosed in a glass votive.

If you are renting the outdoor grounds, no flame is allowed outside on state property. LED candles are a good alternative. Sparklers are also not allowed, but glow sticks are a good alternative.

Are there hotels in the area for private event attendees?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

We have several boutique hotels that are in walking distance to Senate Garage and more coming- Very Exciting! Airbnb’s are throughout Uptown Kingston and The Rondout area. The Best Western Plus is 5 minutes away. There are also many hotels in the area that provide group discounted rates.

How much does it cost to have an event at Senate Garage?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

It depends on the details of your event and how many hours or days you will need the space. We would be happy to discuss your event details and provide a price for the venue.

Are there hotels in the area to accommodate wedding guests?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Uptown Kingston has several stylish Boutique Hotels that are in walking distance to Senate Garage. There are many hotels in the area that provide group discounted rates. Best Western Plus is 5 minutes away. There are many charming B&B’s in the area and Airbnb’s within walking distance.

Does the building have heat and AC?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Happy to report—YES!

Are there restrictions on what time music must end?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Yes. City ordinance requires amplified music must conclude by 2am. If you are renting the outside state park grounds, amplified music can be played until 10pm.

What about parking for wedding guests?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

There is metered street parking and municipal parking in several locations throughout uptown Kingston (meters up till 6pm). There is a large parking lot 1 block away. Valet parking can also be arranged. Many of our parties have used a private bus service to transport guests from the hotel to the venue- allowing your guests to have fun without worry of getting back to the hotel.

Do I need a day of coordinator for my event?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

It depends. If you have the room in your budget, we have found them to be extremely helpful in alleviating stress for the couple and their families. They are there as your personal assistant. They also help pack up personal items at the end of the night.

If you are renting Senate Garage for the full weekend, a wedding coordinator is required.

What is the rental fee?2021-04-09T09:10:38-04:00

Please fill out our contact form and provide as much information as possible. Since each event is unique the venue fee will vary. We will be happy to schedule a call to discuss your event. For a tour please call us at 845-802-5900 or email Senate Garage to arrange an appointment.

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