What’s so special about Senate Garage?

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Everything.  We are independently owned- and you'll feel the difference.  We are urban, industrial, vintage and romantic all within a charming and trendy small city in the Hudson Valley.  [...]

What about a rain plan?

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No one wants rain on their day, BUT if it does, most weddings can be brought inside.  Your caterer or event coordinator will help you pick the best rain [...]

What is the capacity for Senate Garage?

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We can accommodate up to 220 for a seated event with dance floor and up to 400 people for a cocktail style event. We will be happy to discuss [...]

Will there be a staff person from Senate Garage the day of my event?

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Yes. Our Venue Manager  will be onsite throughout most of your event. This person will work with your event coordinator  to answer any questions and help with any last [...]

How large is your space?

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Senate Garage is 7000 sq ft.

Can your lights be removed from the ceiling?

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No. Additional lighting can be added but our chandeliers cannot be removed. We also have spot lights throughout the space.

Do you have WIFI?

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Do you have AV Equipment?

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We have a projector and screen, speakers and a microphone. We are also happy to connect you with an audio specialist that can supply additional equipment and assistance during your [...]

What furniture do you have in the space?

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Included in the venue fee is a stationary bar, a secondary rolling bar, 10 farm tables, 160 Chiavari chairs, industrial style podium and vintage style furniture. [...]

Do you have tables and chairs?

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We have 10 farm tables and 160 Chiavari chairs. Any additional tables and chairs are rented through Events Unlimited, our exclusive rental company.

Do you have tables and chairs for a wedding?

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We have 10 Rustic Farm Tables and 160 Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs. Depending on your guest count your catering will work with you to add complimentary rental items to choose what [...]

Can I bring my own caterer for a wedding?

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Senate Garage has curated a handpicked list of caterers that are familiar with working in our space.  They know what it takes to throw amazing parties and their food [...]

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