Zephyr Teachout at Senate Garage

June 29, 2016|

Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham law professor who won the Democratic primary for New York’s 19th Congressional District by a double digit percentage, spoke at to voters in the Hudson valley at Senate [...]

Chelsea Clinton Rallies in Kingston

April 17, 2016|

Chelsea Clinton, on the campaign trail for her mother Hilary Clinton, touted the Democratic candidate for president’s record on healthcare, education, women’s rights and gun control in an approximately 40-minute [...]

S.B Woods Art Opening at Senate Garage

March 31, 2016|

Woods’ work will be displayed in the 8000-square-foot Senate Garage, a 1921 building adjacent to Senate House State Park. “It’s the original garage for the Senate House,” said Judy Tallerman, [...]

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